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Revive Your Ride! WIN BIG Spring Giveaway

  • Grand Prize $5,000 Gift Certificate
  • First Place $2,500 Gift Certificate
  • Second Place $1,000 Gift Certificate
  • A total of 31 great prizes worth nearly $30,000!
  • Contest starts April 15 thru June 15


Revive Your Ride! is a simple contest that costs you nothing and gives your customers a chance to win one of 31 great moto-prizes donated by the aftermarket members of the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC).

The contest is free to you. It is funded by the nearly 300 member companies of the MIC specifically to build excitement for two-, three- and four-wheeling and to bring the riding community back to retailers.

Revive your Ride! is simple. It’s about building customer interest, floor traffic and sales all around a fun and unique giveaway contest.

Become a Participating Revive Your Ride! Dealer

Becoming a Participating Dealer is easy, just sign up.

  1. Sign up at to become a Participating Dealer
    Or… if you participated in a previous RYR program, you do not need to sign up again. You are pre-registered. If you want to confirm your participation:
    • Check the dealer locator on the Revive Your Ride! consumer site or
    • Give us a call at 949-727-4211 X3045 or
    • Write to
  2. 2. Once you register, you will be sent two promotion posters and you will be issued a unique dealer code. In addition, you will have access to online downloadable flyers, postcards, web content, banners and other digital assets you can use to help get the word out to your customers about the giveaway contest.
  3. The unique dealer code is important. The purpose of this program is to help drive traffic to your showrooms. The chance to win great prizes and the code to enter the contest give your customers strong motivation to walk into your store and shop.
  4. 4. Write or print your dealer code on your posters, flyers, post cards, newsletter, website and other marketing tools. Make sure your customers don’t get out of your store without the contest information including your unique code and the entry website address.
  5. All participating dealers will be listed on the dealer locator on the public Revive Your Ride! website at

Now your customers are only three quick steps away from entering to win!

  1. Step 1: To enter, your customers need only to go to a participating retailer (you) and pick up and entry code.
  2. Step 1: Then, enter online at

It's completely free for customers to enter.

Download Promotional Materials

Next, check out the Revive Your Ride! website. Download free, professionally designed Revive Your Ride! artwork, logos, banner ads, eCards and more.

On the Revive Your Ride! website you’ll fine dozens of simple, flexible promotional ideas. All designed to give your customers even more reasons to go to your store and SHOP NOW. Do something that will create momentum and build excitement to drive floor traffic.

Promotional Ideas for Your Dealership

Get an early start, sign up now; then keep the momentum rolling with these great promotion ideas!

  • Gear Up, Then Saddle Up - Riders should be covered head to toe, whatever the weather. Click here to find ideas about informing your customers about the gear they need.
  • Build the Need to Buy Now - Offer incentives to keep riders interested in your dealership. Click here for more ideas.
  • Make an Event of It - Focus on what's important/topical/real right now, something unexpected to generate interest. Make your dealership a place to do something, have some fun! Click here for more.
  • Service With a Smile - Offer "free" value-add services. Click here for more.

We hope you share your good ideas and let us know what works. Contact Us